Inclusiveness Action Plan

  • Host an annual event to celebrate diversity and multiculturalism. Some examples might be “International Day”, “International Children’s Day”, “Holidays around the World”, “Chinese New Year/ Lunar New Year”, “World Cultures Celebration”, etc.

  • Provide communications, flyers and handouts in more than one language if the need arises. For those campuses with a large Spanish-speaking community, LISD provides English-Spanish translations through your administration’s office.

  • Create a “Meet & Greet Committee”. “Meet & Greet” members would be in charge of making personal acquaintance with new families and/or new PTA members, personally engaging with people of all backgrounds. The “Meet & Greet” Committee should be present in school events to meet new people and can organize a “Call List” to greet all PTA members each new school year.

  • Create a “Parent Resource Room” or a corner in your Library, where parents and young siblings feel welcome to engage, network and volunteer. This space can take many forms and shapes: an inviting “workroom”, a dedicated community room where young siblings have activities to engage in while parents volunteer, a parenting session in your library that offers references and resources for parents.

  • Work closely with the counselor and office staff to observe occasions and events in a diverse school calendar. For example, recognize multicultural and ethnic holidays during the morning announcements, mark different awareness months in special ways, add worldwide holiday blurbs to PTA’s websites and Facebook pages, etc. Here are links for a few diversity calendars:

  • Recruit future leadership and inclusiveness committee members to ensure continuity of the inclusion process.

  • Organize a campus survey to engage non-traditional audiences.

  • Use the “Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit” offered by the National PTA: