How to Donate: Click here to see full list of what we ACCEPT & DON'T ACCEPT.
We ONLY accept and distribute items that students in Pre-K through 12th Grade can proudly wear to school. All clothing should be clean, in "great condition", and meet the LISD Dress Code.
See "Latest News" above for our high priority needs.

We also have an Amazon Wish List. Click here. Packages can be shipped to the LISD Offices, and we will pick them up there.
Check with your school's Clothes Closet Chair to see if there is a donation bin located in your school (See the Directory-far right.), bring your donations inside of our building on any days that we are open, or, we have a bin located in our parking lot. Please have all items bagged in a sturdy trash bag. 
Have Lost & Found Items to Donate?We no longer accept water bottles, lunch boxes, or backpacks. Please only bring laundered items that are on the "BUTTONS" List. Click here to see list. Check with your school's CC Chair to see if there is a donation bin in your school. (See Directory, far right.) Or, bring your donations inside on any days that we are open. We have a bin located in our parking lot, as well.
Need Free School Clothes & New Socks & Underwear?To shop with us, bring a new voucher from the school nurse or counselor for each child, ONE TIME, between the second week of school and mid-May.
You can shop with us any shopping day we are open until you have reached our limits. We have no income requirements. Click here for the list of days that we are open.